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Engage. Every. Single. Day. 
If you want real engaged followers, asking questions is not enough. You should know your target audience and what they care about. Find out why they are following you (look at your data). Which posts get the most likes/comments? 

Based on that you can choose your topics. But always keep talking about your vision, your interests and what your brand can add to their life. Take time to really talk to them. It’s not easy and it will definitely take some effort, but if you do it regularly you will see the results in a short amount of time. 

Some advantages
There are many advantages, like generating more followers, increasing engagement and getting more likes. But you can also learn directly from your followers and (potential) costumers. For instance; they are more likely to give you feedback on your product/service if you take the time to ask the right questions. An easy way to ask questions is through polls on your Instagram Stories. 

Research has shown that social media engagement increases loyalty and generates word of mouth. And as we all know, word of mouth has been and still is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement. 

A few simple steps for more engagement
First things first: staying on top of “mentions” on social media, tapping into relevant conversations and filtering out irrelevant social chatter is the basis of most social media engagement strategies.
By doing that, you are already engaging. To take it a step further, you have to find out what your target audience likes and talks about. Then you share posts about these interests, of course only if they are relevant to your brand. 
Also, get into the conversation! Comment on accounts similar to yours, get in touch with your followers and most of all stay active. 
Ultimately, how you measure the effectiveness of engaging with people on social media depends on your goals (So, set goals before you start). 

Be consistent 
No one likes a no-show. 
Keep in mind that your followers are (real) people who will notice if you are genuine or not. Therefore, choose your words wisely and also your subjects. Don’t talk about things just to talk about them. Make sure you are always adding value to the conversation by being genuine and engaged, not by selling something.

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